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Author Topic: 400 PV list for AdeptiCon Alpha Strike Championship Circuit tournament  (Read 680 times)


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Okay, updated version of a 400PV Scorpion Empire Seeker Galaxy army list.  This is for the AdeptiCon Alpha Strike BTCC tournament in 3 weeks.

Able is now a full Mech star with a mix of omnis and Star League royals, because Seekers. Bravo Star is a modified "composite" Star with a vehicle point in place of the usual aerospace point, because the rules don't allow aerospace and a vehicle point seemed cool as a substitute.

Able Star (Medium Battle Star):
    Black Knight BL-6b-KNT [3] (50 PV)
    Ryoken (Stormcrow) B [4] (39 PV)
    Black Hawk (Nova) R [4] (36 PV)
    Pouncer D [4] (33 PV)
    Mongoose MON-66b [5] (27 PV)

Bravo Star (Fire Star):
    Awesome C [3] (61 PV)
    Masakari (Warhawk) C [3] (64 PV)
    Svantovit Infantry Fighting Vehicle [5] (25 PV)
    Svantovit Infantry Fighting Vehicle [5] (25 PV)
    Undine Battle Armor (Upgrade) (Sqd5) [4] (20 PV)
    Undine Battle Armor (Upgrade) (Sqd5) [4] (20 PV)

1) General thoughts on this list?

2) With 11 units, I think I get one unit with SPAs based on their experience, so tapping the Black Knight, Awesome, or Masakari is a no-brainer so they get 4 pts worth.  OTOH I'm not sure which SPAs are worth it here...any suggestions?

3) Also, we're allowed to have two lists - attacker and a defender - this seems like more of an attacker list, but I'm not sure what to change to make it more defender-y.  Or if it's even worth tailoring a list that way.
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1) Really cool. I like the use of budget mechs like the Storm crow and Mongoose. The Undines are an interesting choice and Svantovits are probably going to be very good for the objective-based games with their 20+" move.

The Battle Star is a great choice no matter what, because Lucky is amazing. I don't know how much I like that many skill 5 units myself, but if that's something you're comfortable with, more power to you.

2) Yeah, since you have 12 or less units you get to assign 1 unit SPAs as described. The Awesome or Masakari definitely seem like they'd be the best picks since they'll stay around the longest. Skill 3 units get 2 SPAs totally 4 points or less, so might recommend Weapon Specialist or Tactical Genius alongside Human TRO or a point of Lucky.

3) It doesn't seem like you have a whole lot of units in this force that can reliably deal TMM4 units that can take a hit in a significant way. For your defender list, I might suggest trying to lock in a unit or two with skill 2, something with artillery attacks, or the AC, LRM, or FLK special to either combo with SPAs that reduce your to-hit number like Sandblaster, or to capitalize on Alternate Munitions like Precision Ammo.


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Thanks!  The Undines actually have the missile boat role, which let's me have that Star be a fire star to give the Masakari and Awesome sniper.  Although I'm considering swapping one of the Undines for a Corona.  I like the Mongoose less on reflection and am thinking of swapping it for something tougher. 

On the SPA, I'm thinkingbforward observer for one of the skills.  IF1 isn't much, IF1 times 4 (or 3) seems not the worst idea.

And thanks for the tips on the defender list.  Still working on that one. Actually considering not taking two lists...

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I would have liked to play in this but it isn't going to work out for this event. I am playing in the Wolfnet 350 though. I hope to play in this in the future.


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Did this tournament give you the formation bonus abilities?