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Author Topic: My thoughts and ideas on Alpha Strike  (Read 1177 times)


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My thoughts and ideas on Alpha Strike
« on: 29 October 2013, 16:12:43 »
What I found while playing Alpha Strike to make things run smoothly is to use dice to mark our modifiers.
Our group uses
Blue dice for walking modifiers
Red dice for jumping modifiers
Yellow dice for evading modifiers
It just makes figuring out to hit numbers much easier.
I have to give a big thank you to TPTB for finally giving us a game where we can play our entire miniature collection at one time!  O0
Each week we add a new element and it is shaping up to be a true combined arms game. We started with mechs then added vehicles and last we the group added infantry. Next week we plan to bring in Vtols. I truly feel like the arm chair general I have always wanted to be when it comes to battle tech.
I may have a low amount of posts but I have a PHD in Battletech and mechs older then most people on this board!