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Author Topic: New Dallas Scenario  (Read 980 times)

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New Dallas Scenario
« on: 16 October 2014, 03:28:29 »
Here's the set up for my New Dallas fight.

The game is a simple mash up of the ASC Recon scenario and Houston We, Have a Problem from the Turning Points: New Dallas game.

The Attacker, who was at 100% strength, has to walk in from off the map during deployment. The smaller Defender (75% of the Attacker's PV) had a 3' long x 2' deep  spot  to pop up in (consider it hidden units suddenly exposed, drop pods, which ever). Their objective that have to defend is set up  in forward middle spot of the deploy zone. the HPG had 40 hit points as befitting a hardened target.

If the Defender can last eight rounds*, with an undestroyed HPG, then they won. If the Attacker could destroy the HPG or wipe out the Defender they won.

Command Abilities: Attacker - Tactical Specialist: Brawler, Defender: Banking Initiative

Here's my list.

Code: [Select]
Star League
PV SZ Role Lance
Atlas II 52 4 Jugg Assault
Riflmn RFL-3N-2 41 4 Brawler
Banshee 3e 38 4 Sniper
Banshee 3m 39 4 Brawler
Total 170

Enforcer 4R 27 2 Skirmisher Striker
Whitworth wth-0 25 2 Skirmisher
Whitworth wth-0 25 2 Skirmisher
Glditr GLD4R 30 2 Skirmisher +1 pt, Frwd Obser
Total 107

Catapault C1b 39 3 missle boat Fire Support Lance
Dervish DV-6M 30 2 missle boat
Trebuche TBT-3C 34 2 Missle boat
Dervish DV-6M 30 2 missle boat
Total 133
Comp. Total 410
Add 1pt 411

PV SZ Role Lance
Grasshopper 5h 39 3 skirmisher Fast Assault
Hammerhands 3d 36 3 Jugg
Catapault 1c 33 3 skirmisher
QuickDraw QKD4g 30 3 Skirmisher
Total 138

Atlas AS7-D-DC 52 4 Jugg Assault
Awesome AWS-8Q 39 Sniper
BttlMstr BLR1Gc 43 4 Unknown
Awesome AWS-8Q 39 Sniper
Toro TR-A-6 27 1 missle boat Fire Support
Dervish DV-6M 30 2 missle boat
JagerMech JM6-A 27 3 missle boat
JagerMech JM6-A 27 3 missle boat
Griffin GRF-2N 37 2 striker Pursuit
Assassin ASN-21 17 2 scout
Jenner JR7-D 20 1 Striker
Jenner JR7-D 20 1 Striker

Cyclops CP-10-HQ 32
Total 548

If I had to do it again, I might have avoided giving the Attacker two mechs with MHQ1. If the Defender loses their commander, the initiative difference is pretty harsh. Since everyone was either new to AS or the new ASC rules, I glossed over that and never bought it up.**

*On the 4' by 5' board, it was easy to see that 8 rounds was going to be too long, so everyone was cool with shortening to 6 rounds. In the future, I may tweak that number depending how much terrain is blocking the objective. If the Defender throws up a wall of terrain, I'll make it 8. If it's a clear alley, then 6 or 5.

In our play, the Defender wasn't really focused on playing turtle and spread himself too thin, so the game was under two hours. A more focused Defender could probably make it a 3 hour game.

With the time limit and the Attacker's Command SA, I'm not overly worried about timid Attackers sitting back and drawing out the game on their end.

** I'm found it a challenge to design viable Lances (using the ASC's Requirements) when I want to use just my available models and stick to the Star League era earlier era. Next time, I might jump up to 3025 or 3050 and just stick to using Ideal Roles instead. ... Or just use both in whatever gets me a good mix of mechs with descent speeds.

As it is, I am pretty proud that my Striker Lance was able to use its Speed Demon to give all of its units 10" Move.
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