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Author Topic: ok im new to all this,acouple???  (Read 1619 times)


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ok im new to all this,acouple???
« on: 06 September 2013, 21:28:35 »
I have not played battletech in years,ive always loved the game.the biggest problem was the time it took.
I seen alpha at gencon and almost bought it,had the cards to.but I wanted to wait,to find out more about it.
how long do games last.
can  you build your own lance or star,or are there set builds.
thanks for now .

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Re: ok im new to all this,acouple???
« Reply #1 on: 06 September 2013, 21:53:38 »
Well, you can chose the make up of your star/lance/company/binary/whatever.  Thats completely up to you!  Some people like to stick with faction specific lists, and the MUL ( )will help you there if you are so inclined.

We played a game two weekends ago that had 160 or so points per player, with six players, two teams of three.  I'd say we started around one and called it around 6.  We would have needed another two turns barring the fast things playing hard to get.  I'd say thats moving pretty quick.  Here's the AAR from that game:,32568.0.html


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Re: ok im new to all this,acouple???
« Reply #2 on: 06 September 2013, 22:01:36 »
i think its been said that once you learn the system, a company on company game (12 mechs vs 12 mechs) should run about 1-2 hours. or basically, about as long as a 4 on 4 game in regular Btech would take.