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Author Topic: Death by a thousands cuts. Maybe Mercer Ravannion got it right in AS...  (Read 645 times)


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A pair of friends of mine met yesterday afternoon t play live (lucky! I live in the next city from them and cannot move to play!). they just wrote in our gaming group's WhatsApp their impression of yesterdays AS battle.

250 points.
Using the Variable damage system that the people of DFA use in their channel.

- Clan star (2 mad cats, thor, dire wolf, dasher). Dire wolf was skill 3.
- 12 Locusts + 3 Guardian conventional fighters.

It seems that the Locusts and guardians concentrated their fire on a single target each turn and used building and forest cover to avoid some of the enemy mechs from shooting back (or shooting at a disadvantage), and this paid off.  Their TMM and many to hit rolls demolished the clanners, specially from turn 3 onwards when several of them always had rear shots on the clanners. I would have liked to see the battle but horde tactics with high TMM seem to have worked well from what they tell us in the WhatsApp group.

Granted, the Locust player is more skilled than the clan player, but I foind this to be interesting. I have never played (or considered) such extreme numbers.

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16 Scorpion Light Tanks (standard) - 11pv each, skill 4
8 Scorpion Light Tank (LRM) - 14pv each, skill 4

244 points total.

sure the clan mechs can basically pop a tank in a single hit, but with concentrated fire the tanks will basically punch through the clan mechs faster than the clanners can pop them