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Author Topic: Quickdraw QKD-5P  (Read 330 times)


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Quickdraw QKD-5P
« on: 29 October 2022, 10:25:59 »
Looking at Quickdraw variants on Sarna, spotted the 5P from MW5 which is not in the MUL (yet, might this be on a canon promotion track?).
It's a 3024 variant that will do a much better job at being a Hatchetman than the Hatchetman — it's got better speed and armour to close in and lay about with it's hatchet!

"The 5P retains the left arm and right torso medium lasers, the latter now forward facing but replaces the missile launchers in the left and center torsos with a medium laser each. The weight saved from these changes allow the variant to mount a Heavy Axe in the right arm."
Poking at the baseline QKD-4G stats and the old conversion formula in Alpha Strike Companion, I reckon the following changes:
Damage changes from 2/3/1 to 3/3/0.
Specials change from IF1 and Rear 1/1/0 to MEL.
PV changes from 32 to 30.
Does that look right?
I picked up some extra Hatchetman arms from IWM for the hatchet hands, and conversions are underway.
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