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Author Topic: Rules question: Woods with optional rules including errata  (Read 582 times)


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Hi all,

EDIT: rewrote post after feedback in rules forum.

Using Rules, Errata and Clarifications this would be a summary for Woods:
1. the Attacker occupied terrain is IGNORED (i.e.: 2 inches away from attacker).
2. the Target occupied terrain extends 2 inches away from target and is only used for ATTACK MODIFIERS.
3. the terrain in-between these occupied terrains are INTERVENING terrain. Intervening terrain is used for both ATTACK MODIFIERS and LINE OF SIGHT.
4. Attacker occupied terrain takes precedence over Target occupied terrain: if both are in Woods and less than 2" apart, there is no attack modifier as the Attacker occupied terrain extends to the Target and the Target occupied terrain is therefore ignored.
[ruling: This is incorrect.  Attacker occupied takes precedence over intervening.  It has no effect on target occupied.
If the target occupies Woods, there is going to be a Woods modifier.]

5. In the basic rules, if the Target has any intervening terrain or is in occupied terrain, it gets a +1 attack modifier.
6. In the Optional Advanced rules, the modifier is +1 for every 2 full inches of intervening or occupied terrain.
[ruling: This should be (every 2 full inches of intervening) or (occupied terrain).  Occupied woods gives the woods modifier + the woods modifier for every 2 full inches of intervening.]
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Re: Rules question: Woods with optional rules including errata
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Apologies, I thought this was the right place to post but found that it should be in the Rules section. I have posted it there and will remove this thread very shortly.
I am posting this just in case poeple are interested in the answer so they know to look on the Rules section in the future.