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Author Topic: Year of introduction  (Read 1606 times)


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Year of introduction
« on: 12 September 2013, 14:42:30 »
I used to print (and laminate) the QS MUL cards for all my units on coloured paper, matching the colour of the paint scheme or faction. For easy card/'mech selection, when setting up for scenarios in a specific year, I also wrote the year of introduction (YOI) on the cards before laminating.
Unfortunately, for AS, YOI isn't included on cards.
I guess it's too late to change anything. What do you think?

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Re: Year of introduction
« Reply #1 on: 12 September 2013, 15:02:47 »
It's not too late, but it's very unlikely that would be added.
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Re: Year of introduction
« Reply #2 on: 14 September 2013, 15:40:45 »
Personally I just go by ERA, and keep dollar tree mini business card organizers per ERA, then if I play in a time period, i just grab the appropriate organizer + and intriguing units from the past eras that will fit, and whala happy and time appropriate games and currently I have a SL,SW,CI,CW,JH,DA folder and it seems to work for me (each one has 5 splits that work great for support (anything nonmench), Light,Medium,Heavy,Assault