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Author Topic: (Answered) Two questions: Movement and Damages  (Read 1654 times)


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(Answered) Two questions: Movement and Damages
« on: 10 October 2013, 15:50:08 »
1st Question: Movement

Level Change: ’mechs may climb onto and over terrain as
steep as 2 inches high (per inch of horizontal travel). Doing so
costs 1 extra inch of movement per inch of elevation changed.

All the examples I see of mechs going up/down a level are very obvious. A hill with steep edges at exactly the right height to count as a level change. But what if a mech walks over hills with gradual slopes that are 1/2" high over 1" horizontal? I imagine a mech that moves 6" horizontally, but ends up 2" higher in elevation should have some reduced movement modifier, but according to the hard rules, I don't think it does.

TL;DR = Gradual slopes don't apply a level change MP reduction, even if the mech's altitude does increase greater than 2" in one movement turn? Is this right?

<--------------- 6"------------------->
                                  ________    + 2"
________|                                     +0"

2nd Question: Damage

The Thug has the ability SRM2/2. Does this do anything to the damage it can deliver at a given range, or is this something that only matters if it is using special munitions (inferno)? I didn't know if the damage values listed under the S/M/L ranges already factored that in, or not.
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Re: Two questions: Movement and Damages
« Reply #1 on: 10 October 2013, 16:02:07 »
You pay for any fraction of an inch.   You pay 1" to move up to 1" level change.  If the slope continues over more than 1", you're still paying one extra inch for every inch traveled.
A straight 2" rise over 6" would actually cost 12", since every inch of that 6" has a level change of 1" (or less). 

They (AC/SRM/LRM/FLK) are already added in to base damage.
There are several rules that say subtract the amount of the special ability from the damage to do X (infernos), or use the amount of the special ability if Y happens (swarm, flak). That's what those abilities are for.
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Re: (Answered) Two questions: Movement and Damages
« Reply #2 on: 10 October 2013, 19:06:23 »
Thanks for the help.