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Author Topic: (Answered) Artillery & Objective Questions  (Read 2335 times)


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(Answered) Artillery & Objective Questions
« on: 29 August 2013, 07:47:19 »
pg 73, Off board Artillery
It should be possible for an opponent to target off board artillery somehow, with eg. aerospace strikes or counter artillery bombardment.

pg. 73, Artillery Range and Damage Table, pg. 76, Step 5: Determine and Apply Damage
The paragraph refers to radius in inches, but the templates at the back of the book uses diameter in inches.  Which is correct?

pg. 121, Objectives
States that the first side to destroy or cripple at least 50% of the units of the opposing force wins.  What happens it this occurs in the same round?  Are off board and aerospace units taken into account?
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Re: (Research) Artillery & Objective Questions
« Reply #1 on: 01 September 2013, 12:46:58 »
Offboard Artillery
Perhaps in a future expansion, but there's no such option in the Alpha Strike rulebook.

Area of Effect
This should be diameter.  Errata will be necessary.

Units on the ground map only.
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