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Author Topic: (Answered) intervening and occupied woods cumulative in Advanced?  (Read 661 times)


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Basic rules:
page 43: Terrain Modifiers, under Woods
"Add+1 modifier to an attack's Target Number if the target occupies wooded terrain".

page 44: Attack Modifiers Table, note 3 (applies to Woods Terrain modifier)
"Target has intervening or occupied Woods terrain".

page 45: Example, 5th paragraph, 3rd sentence
"... but occupied and intervening woods are not cumulative, there is still only the +1 Target Number modifier for Woods."

Advanced Woods:
page 136 (1st edition): Woods (advanced), 4th paragraph:
"A 6-inch stretch of intervening light woods, for example, would apply a +3 terrain modifier for weapon attacks".

In the recent post (, the answer states:
"6. In the Optional Advanced rules, the modifier is +1 for every 2 full inches of intervening or occupied terrain.
This should be (every 2 full inches of intervening) or (occupied terrain).  Occupied woods gives the woods modifier + the woods modifier for every 2 full inches of intervening."

Is the intention then to have a maximum of +1 modifier for the basic rules and up to +4 modifier for the Advanced rules?
Example: Target is 8" from edge of Woods, therefore 6" of intervening terrain and 2" of Target occupied terrain, giving +3 for intervening and +1 for occupied (total of +4 attack modifier)? Whereas in the basic rules it would just be a +1 modifier?

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Thanks. Much appreciated. Very clear.