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Author Topic: (Answered) STL & interactions with other special abilities  (Read 1381 times)


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Some time back (can't seem to find the thread anymore) I asked about the interactions between the ECM & STL special. I was advised that it wasn't a case of turning one off to get the other, but that the unit simply had both. A bit of errata that came out of this was:

p48, Stealth (STL)
Add after last paragraph of Stealth,
"A unit with STL is (intentionally) blocking it's own emissions with its ECM.  Any Stealth unit is affected as if in an enemy ECM field (See ECM, p 46)."

Given the errata, and some units in my collection, I am now wondering how to handle units that have combinations of specials such as STL, AECM & BH (Stealth with Angel ECM and Bloodhound probe) or STL & C3S? (Such units are available.)

For example, would the player need to choose between having stealth or utilising C3 for a unit with STL and C3S, or does the previous errata need revising?

The first example could possibly create more complex interactions such as 1 ECM driving the stealth, 1 ECM in ECCM mode and with only 1 ECM active the Bloodhound would operate unhindered....

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Re: STL & interactions with other special abilities
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In Alpha Strike there is no way to turn off the STL, and therefore the STL unit is always affected as if in an enemy ECM field.
There is no choice.
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