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Author Topic: (Answered) Infantry Dragoons - Movement Rounding? (ASCE)  (Read 605 times)


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1) A unit uses the Infantry Dragoons SCA (ASCE p. 106) and thus moves half its movement.  If that halving results in a fraction, does its movement round up, down, or normally?

2) Does the same answer to #1 apply if using the Converting Alpha Strike To Hex Maps rules (ASCE p. 68), in which fractions more often result from such divisions of movement because all distances have already been halved?

3) Additionally, is there a default type of rounding one should do in ASCE if it does not specify the rounding type?
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Re: Infantry Dragoons - Movement Rounding? (ASCE)
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It should be a round up, adding to errata list.

Unfortunately, there's no standard rounding rule.
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