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Author Topic: (Answered) Hulldown clarification question  (Read 554 times)


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(Answered) Hulldown clarification question
« on: 20 May 2022, 11:31:37 »
Hello. I want to ask about the incoming fire adjustment when hulldown. I understand how to get to hulldown, and outgoing fire reduction due to it, and how to get out of it.

In commanders edition Hull down pg38 states: ""A hull down unit has a +0 TMM but gains a +1 Target Number Modifier to any attacks made against it, unless they are from the rear attack direction. The unit is considered half its normal height for LOS""

Now the crux. On the WEAPONS ATTACK pg 42-43 and ATTACK MODIFIERS TABLE 44 there is zero mention of hull down.

Hull down does not specifically say it gives you partial cover, it only says it does not adjust your TMM rule, and gives a +1 target number modifier.

But when going through the S.A.T.O.R. rules, its lost in translation. I mean that's only 4" of movement and part of your damage output your losing, with zero mention of using it at all in SATOR.

1) Is Hull down simply a replacement for partial cover when you do not have partial cover?

1B) if so, why is it not just classified as 'giving partial cover' and the +1 bonus it entails.

2) Why is it ignored in the SATOR/ATTACK MODIFIERS TABLES if it is not partial cover?

3) What happens if you go hull down next to a 1 level elevation increase, and your attacker is on a height difference that would allow him to still see you and shoot at you over the increase. You would theoretically receive +1 partial cover from the hill by being next to it, and +1 from hulldown. Would you not?

4) Other then hulldown in the woods, is there any reason to ever use it?
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Re: Hulldown clarification question
« Reply #1 on: 20 May 2022, 12:22:47 »
Hull Down is not partial cover.
Hull Down makes your TMM a +0.  Whatever your TMM was, when you go Hull Down it's now 0.

1) basically.
1b) because partial cover is better (doesn't require you to be a sitting target with 0 TMM) but requires the correct terrain and angle of attack.  Hull down is much easier to acquire but you have to be still in it.
2) hull down's modifiers were recent additions and should be added to the attack modifiers table
3) no, will errata to clarify.
4) yes, you can standstill once you are in it (ie. after the first turn you move in to the hull down position), get the -1 target number modifier for standstill on your attacks, and still gets a +1 target number when attacked. that's the intent.  you spend one turn in a vulnerable position, getting in to the hull down, in order to have a better standstill position in the future.  if you are going to standstill for multiple turns, and don't have partial cover already, go hull down.
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Re: Hulldown clarification question
« Reply #2 on: 20 May 2022, 12:40:25 »
Thank you for the reply.

I guess the intention of it is not to let fast moving 4TMM mechs run 22 of their 26 movement, dump into hull down for an incoming modifier of 5 before intervening terrain situations.
That makes sense.

Slow moving assault 6" or 8" moves and saves 4" then goes into hull down, and their TMM goes from 1 to 0 but gains a +1 modifier for incoming fire, same bonus ultimately.  Next turn if remaining in hull down, they still retain the +1 modifier with a 0tmm, but gain the standing still -1 for shooting themselves.  Net gain for non moving bigger mechs, net loss for fast moving small mechs.

I like it.

Hopefully Hull down gets added to the SATOR/weapons attack pages, it causes some confusion when it simply disappears.