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Author Topic: (Answered) AS:CE Large (LG) Mech Arcs  (Read 798 times)


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(Answered) AS:CE Large (LG) Mech Arcs
« on: 10 August 2021, 15:25:29 »
This situation specifically applies to the Ares and Posiedon superheavy mechs since they are tripods, although if all Large(LG) mechs are based on round bases then it would also apply to the Omega and Orca mechs.

The Large (LG, p.86) Special states that the unit covers a 2" AoE template area. Does this mean a unit with this special is mounted on a circular base with a 2" diameter instead of a hex base or does it use a 2" hex base? Likewise with a Very Large (VLG, p.91) and Super Large (SLG, p.90) miniature, which say they have 4" and 6"+ diameter areas respectively, what type of base are these mounted on?

The rules for Large units on p.64 make no mention of special firing arcs for these units, nor are there any diagrams on p. 65.

The rules for standard firing arcs on p. 41 have an entry for Three-Legged (Tripod) Mechs which states they may still be attacked from the rear as a normal mech.

The Attack Direction rules on p. 48 only reference hex-based miniatures. How do you determine if you are attacking a round-based miniature in the rear?
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Re: AS:CE Large (LG) Mech Arcs
« Reply #1 on: 14 August 2021, 17:12:32 »
If you are not using hex bases, you need a way to determine the effective hex base.  Mark a front point and have a hex base template that lines up to it for example.   Or mark the 90 degree from center point to each side for the forward firing arc (180 degree total centered on front point) and the 30 degree rear in each direction to mark the rear incoming arc (60 degrees total centered on opposite point from front) on a circular base.
Similar with size of base.  If all you have is a 1.25" hex base to mount units on, then a Large unit's "base" extends another three/quarters of an inch.  It's in base-to-base contact with anything within 3/4s of an inch of its base and vice versa. You can attach a 2" AOE template under the hex base if you wanted.
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