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Author Topic: (Answered) C3 and Damage Output  (Read 275 times)


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(Answered) C3 and Damage Output
« on: 10 March 2021, 14:54:08 »
The C3 rules section [pg80-82] states that a C3 network member may fire at a target as if it were as close to them as another, physically closer C3 member, and only if it can deal damage at its "true" range. What does this mean for the actual damage dealt?

a DCMS Schiltron A is within 15" of a Fedsuns Blackjack. A DCMS Tokugawa C3 stands at 30" away from the same blackjack. Both can draw unobscured lines of sight to the blackjack.
The Tokugawa's ranges are 3/3/1. Its range modifier is 2+ due to the Schiltron, however what is its damage?

a. The Tokugawa is dealing 3 damage. For firing, it treats its range as being the same as the Schiltron.
b. The Tokugawa is dealing 1 damage. It is really in its long range band, and so can only deal the damage of said range band.

Having wrote it out I suspect a. is the correct answer, but I'm just not quite sure given the rulebook itself does not touch on this conundrum.
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Re: C3 and Damage Output
« Reply #1 on: 10 March 2021, 15:13:27 »
Damage is unaffected by C3.  C3 only affects the range used for calculating to-hit modifier for range.
If a unit has no long range damage value, C3 isn’t going to make it able to do damage at long range.
If a unit is at long range, and has a C3 link to a network member at short range, it still does long range damage.
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