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Author Topic: (Answered) Demoralizer and JMPS/W#  (Read 495 times)


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(Answered) Demoralizer and JMPS/W#
« on: 05 September 2022, 12:53:11 »
Demoralizer p.93 AS:CE : "Intimidated units reduce their TMM and Move by half (round each reduction down)"

JMPS/W# p.78 : "Weak Jump Jets subtract the # from their TMM when using Jumping movement. Strong Jump Jets add the # to their TMM when using Jumping movement."

If a unit with JMPS# or JMPW# is hit with Demoralizer, will the half TMM reduction happen to the unmodified TMM listed on the card or the adjusted TMM after using JMPS/W#?

For example, a Hierofalcon A fails the test before it's movement in the movement phase to see if it is intimidated and it's TMM is cut in half. Will it's TMM be

(2 TMM + 1 for Jumping + 2 for JMPS2)/2 for Intimidated rounded down = 2


2 TMM/2 for intimidated + 1 for Jumping + 2 for JMPS2 = 4

Or would it depend on if it was intimidated before or after its movement? I noticed in another ruling that the reduction could be determined by when the order of operations occurred.
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Re: Demoralizer and JMPS/W#
« Reply #1 on: 20 October 2022, 13:42:23 »
Ok, sorry for the long wait. 
Errata has just been posted, adding a new section titled "Multiple Modifiers."
The standard is applying effects in the order they happened. The major point of this new errata is to divide modifiers into two categories, temporary and permeant.  Permanant modifiers (critical hit damage) are always applied first.  Temporary modifiers are then applied (or removed).  This overrides the normal order of operations where effects are applied as they happened.

Related, JMPS (and SUBS) got specific rules for how they are affected by TMM reducing effects. 

There are examples in the errata.

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