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Author Topic: (Answered) Demoralizer Rule Questions  (Read 572 times)


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(Answered) Demoralizer Rule Questions
« on: 10 June 2022, 20:30:45 »
Hey all, need some help on a couple of questions about Demoralizer.  Since I was "the" BattleTech guy at my FLGS for the longest time I get asked to make judgement calls on rule's clarifications (even when the guys I'm planning with probably know AS better than I do)

1. Unit A has Demoralizer. Unit B passes within 6" of A, takes the Demoralizer check, but ends their movement behind a level 2 hill that blocks LOS to Unit A.  However, that ending location is within 6" of Unit A.  On the next movement phase, does Unit B have to role the Demoralizer check for being within 6", even though LOS is blocked?
***I ruled it does not, since paragraph 3 of the rule states "If a demoralized unit begins any phase more than 24" from, or without line of sight to the Demoralizer, the unit is no longer demoralized"***
- 1.1 In the above scenario, on the next movement phase, if Unit B moves first when would it trigger a new Demoralizer check?

2. Unit A has Demoralizer and moves within 6" of Units B and C and has both in LOS.  B and C must immediately roll for the Demoralizer check, yes?
***I ruled yes.  The player controlling Unit B and C was saying that THEY didn't come within 6" of Unit A and was reading the sentence "Every enemy unit that comes within 6" of a unit using this SPA must roll 2D6." as Unit B and C needed to be the mechs moving into the 6" range for Demoralizer to trigger***

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Re: Demoralizer Rule Questions
« Reply #1 on: 10 June 2022, 20:44:08 »
1. No.  Demoralizer requires line of sight. 
1.1 If it moved into line of sight of the Demoralizer, while within 6" of the Demoralizer, then it would check.
2. Yes.  It doesn't matter which unit is moving. Once the enemy unit is within 6" of the Demoralizer, whether it's the enemy unit moving or the Demoralizer moving, the check is made. 
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