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Author Topic: (Answered) How fast can tracked/wheeled vees drive on pavement without skidding?  (Read 447 times)


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Jane is driving a Tokugawa. She starts a turn on road, and intends to stay on the road for her movement phase. The movement rating listed on her card is 8"w; the total movement she gets access to for the turn is 10" thanks to the road.
How many inches must Jane drive to trigger a skid check?

1. Jane must drive more than 4 inches: "..more than half its Move rating" (pg.74, ASCE)
2. more than 5 inches: Being on a road gives Jane a higher movement rating per this text's definition thereof.
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Wheeled movement on pavement doesn't change the Move rating itself, so it's more than 4" on pavement can cause a skid.

"additional X inches of move to spend" doesn't change the Move rating.  The pavement/wheeled bonus and some Special Pilot Abilities (Speed Demon) do this, where it's not changing the unit's stats, you don't actually change the unit card.  Conversely, a unit paying extra move to go through terrain doesn't change the move rating. 
"-50% to the Move rating" from motive effects or critical hits does change the Move rating, alters the value on the unit card, and would affect the distance needed for skidding.
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