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Author Topic: (Answered) Multiple Attack Roll with Armor Piercing alternate munitions  (Read 665 times)


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I have one more question regarding the alternate munitions in combination with the Multiple Attack Roll (page 175, AS:CE v5): this one is regarding Armor Piercing which has an example on the same page (p.175). It is clear to me that using this alternate munition you would need to "sacrifice" an attack roll, however does it also strictly require the "sacrifice" coming from the attack of the AC ability? For example any unit with AC 1/1/1 using Armor Piercing ammo must always roll for Minimal Damage even if the said unit have a base attack of 4/4/4?

On that note, if the AC attack roll hits but the roll for Minimal Damage fails, will you still roll for crit or would this mean the effect for Armor Piercing would also "fail" because no actual damage was done?

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Re: Multiple Attack Roll with Armor Piercing alternate munitions
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So a unit with 4/4/4 and AC1/1/1 using armor piercing?
p175 says when using armor piercing, you must allocate two of the attack rolls to it and then roll one attack roll.
So you would take 2 of the 4 base damage for your armor piercing, and roll 1 as armor piercing (+1 target number, 1 damage and doing a crit on 10+) and then the two remaining as standard attack rolls.
If the 4/4/4 unit had AC2/2/2 using armor piercing, it could
1) use all 4 and no armor piercing
2) use 2 for armor piercing and 2 without.
3) use all 4 for armor piercing and only roll two attack rolls.

The minimal damage ruling on armor piercing would only come up with a 1/1/1 unit with AC1/1/1.  Since it doesn't have 2 damage to allocate to armor piercing, it would be 0* when using armor piercing.
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