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Author Topic: (Answered) NARC with Standard Attacks - Commander's Edition  (Read 507 times)


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1. ) Can a unit making a standard attack, and which has the LRM#/#/#, SRM#/# or IF# ability, benefit from NARC damage increase, even if not using an actual IF attack or making a special munitions attack? (SNARC Rules, Pg. 87).

For example, standard damage brackets for the unit are 3 / 3 / 3 and the unit has SRM1/1, if the target is NARC'd and the unit hits in the Short or Medium bracket does it get the +1 damage, or are special munitions needed?
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Re: NARC with Standard Attacks - Commander's Edition
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Standard attacks have the SRM, LRM, or AC special ability as long as the unit (or firing arc for multiple firing arc units) has the special ability and the ability applies to the range of the attack.
You do not have to be using an alternate munition or be making a special weapon attack for NARC to add damage (or AMS to reduce the damage).
In your example, the attack would get the +1 damage.
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