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Author Topic: (Answered) Point of Impact and Water, and Artillery  (Read 505 times)


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(Answered) Point of Impact and Water, and Artillery
« on: 04 May 2022, 13:57:44 »
I have a two question about a Artillery, one is for point of impact and the second is for units which are under water and damages.
Can a unit with an ART ability target the ground that a mech is in if the mech is 1 in under water, by aiming at the mechs point of impact.

  If they can target said mech can they do damage on a unit which is totally under water or not?     On page page 47 of the CE book it states that "you can target a point of impact or a unit. This point of impact is selected on map and you place your templet etc". My thought, is that you you can target the water in the same way you target the land.  As a battleship when it fires its guns can say target x, y area without needing a fixed point to see the ocean bottom.  Its just a set of grid coordinates to artillerymen firing at it.   

  On page 41 it states that Attacks are blocked from a partially submerged or non submerged unit, to a complete submerged unit. I would assume that if the AOE attack makes a explosion like a artillery strike does, and effect everything within 2 inches I would assume it would be sphere shaped effect. I would think you can bomb something under water like a battleship shooting the water to get a sub which is below the water line.

Thank you. 
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Re: Point of Impact and Water, and Artillery
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2022, 15:25:21 »
You can target water for a POI, and it will impact the surface of the water.
It will not damage any completely submerged units. It will only damage surface units or partially submerged units.
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