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Title: (Answered) Negative TMM, PDF vs Book water movement cost, PLOS errors?
Post by: CapellanYouxia on 05 June 2022, 15:36:03
1) The movement cost of submerged units in 2"+ depth of water
ASCE, 4th printing pg 34 chart says +3"
ASCE, 4th printing pg 35 text says "Otherwise, for depths of to 30 inches... spending 4 inches of Move per inch traveled ..."
which tracks if clear hex +3"

The problem is the ASCE pdf file provided by Catalyst's store on purchase of the hardcover book (Alpha Strike Commanders Edition - 4th printing.pdf) the chart on pg. 34 has a +6" listed but notably the text on page 35 is the same.

Also notable is that in the BattleMech Manual their chart (pg 17) says +3 Movement cost per hex.

The current pre-release errata listed on
makes no mention either way

2) Question can be summed up as can you have a negative TMM for a non-immobile unit
For example, take you standard Annihilator with TMM 0 and a 4" MV
It takes 1 MP crit.
What is the TMM now?
ASCE, 4th printing, page 50 "MP Hit" section says " The affected unit loses half of its current Move and TMM, rounding normally (to a minimum Move loss of 2 inches and TMM loss of 1). If a unit is reduced to a Move of 0 inches (or less) in this fashion, the unit is immobile."

It's not immobile, it has 2" of Move stat left. What about the TMM? Does "loss" here mean a penalty that can go negative? So -1 TMM?
How does that jive with the rule for standing still on pg 42? "A Standstill unit's TMM is always 0".
Does this imply the rather odd situation of the moving mech is TMM -1 but the one that is standing still (but not immobile) is TMM 0?
Or does "loss" here just effectively mean a loss of a bonus but no malus i.e. the unit's TMM is still just 0?

Conceptually Heat (pg 52) has same problem "Subtract 1 from the unit’s target movement modifier (TMM) at Heat Level 2 or higher"
except to have a TMM of 0 you seem to have to have a Move of 4" and as such in this case of Heat level 2 would reduce the Move to 0" thus an immobile unit with TMM -4. So that issue was avoided I suppose.

Heat does pose a weird situation where I guess if you are immobile but not shut down you can still jump to claim your normal jumping TMM (refereing the new errata about heat not effecting jumping move or TMM) but if you don't jump to move got the TMM -4 situation. Reasonable within the rules, I just find that quirky.

3) Optional Rule: Practical Line of sight, ASCE, 4th printing page 171
So the top chart on the left sways Infantry (any) and 1" x 1.25" and the ProtoMech (all) listed as 1"x1"
The two templates on the bottom right for "Infantry & Vehicles" and "ProtoMech" are exactly the same size which if you measure that literally from the page is 1"x1"
One or more of those things has to be wrong.
Also as an aside on the previous page 170 the section says "... or simply use the PLOS Template Rulers found at the back of the book..." which don't exist in the Appendix so unless they mean "the back of the book" as the very section you are reading now.

Title: Re: Questions: Negative TMM, PDF vs Book water movement cost, PLOS errors?
Post by: nckestrel on 07 June 2022, 08:13:26
1) It is +3" for Depth 2+.  Will post errata.
2) Yes, that is currently possible to have -1 TMM.  Possible errata later, but as written now, it is possible to have negative TMM.
3) Infantry and vehicles should be 1" x 1.25". Original template attached.  Will add to errata.  The PLOS Template Rulers are those found on p171.  Errata posted to say they are there and not back of book.

Title: Re: (Answered)Questions: Negative TMM, PDF vs Book water movement cost, PLOS errors?
Post by: CapellanYouxia on 08 June 2022, 15:54:10
So regarding the negative TMM then the Annihilator should have a 0 TMM if standstill (the "always") vs a -1 TMM if moves?
Title: Re: (Answered) Negative TMM, PDF vs Book water movement cost, PLOS errors?
Post by: nckestrel on 08 June 2022, 16:41:46
An Annihilator with an MP crit?  Yes.