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Author Topic: Alpha Strike TMM, movement, and standstill question  (Read 33 times)


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Alpha Strike TMM, movement, and standstill question
« on: 04 February 2023, 22:50:16 »
In the early days of Alpha Strike, it's my understanding that TMM was applied based on the unit's movement capability, not necessarily the distance between the start and end position of the unit during the movement phase. In other words, a unit could receive its TMM bonus by running in a circle and ending it's movement where it began, effectively moving 0" on the game board.

In the fifth printing of "Alpha Strike Commander's Edition", they seemed to have added clarity around how TMM relates to movement.

On page 37 it reads...

Ground Movement

A unit that moves at least 1 inch and does not declare another movement mode is using ground movement...


A mobile unit that chooses to move less than 1 inch in the current turn is at a standstill...

On page 42 it reads...

Ground Movement: A ground unit that moved 1 inch or more along the ground that turn, and did not jump, is using ground movement

And finally, the "Target Movement Modifiers" table on page 44 says that a unit using ground movement (moves at least 1") gets its TMM. A unit standing still or using minimum movement has a TMM of 0.

So my question units now have to end their movement at least 1" from their starting position to gain the TMM bonus?