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Author Topic: (Answered) Woods and Commander's Edition Errata 4.1  (Read 474 times)


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(Answered) Woods and Commander's Edition Errata 4.1
« on: 24 October 2021, 23:38:25 »
Hey guys, i have a question concerning Woods in Alpha Strike Commander's Edition with Errata 4.1.
On page 3 of the errata you can find the following two paragraphs:

  • ② Line of Sight (p. 40)
    After last paragraph insert the following new paragraph: 
    If terrain is occupied by the unit, the first 2” of that terrain extending away from the base of the unit is still considered the
    occupied  terrain.  Occupied  terrain  more  than  2”  from  the  base  of  the  unit  becomes  intervening  terrain.  For  example,  if  a  unit
    occupies a building, and is within 2” of the edge of the building, the building is occupied but not intervening so it does not block LOS.
    If the same unit occupies a building, and line of sight is drawn through more than 2” of the building, then building is now intervening
    and blocks LOS. For Woods, if the unit occupies the Woods, the first 2” away from the base of the unit does not count toward the 6” of Woods blocking LOS.

  • Combat ② Terrain Modifiers (p. 43)
    Under “Woods” 
    Add a +1 modifier to an attack’s Target Number if the target occupies wooded terrain.
    Change to:
    Add  a  +1  modifier  to  an  attack’s  Target  Number  if  the  target  occupies  wooded  terrain,  or  if  the  line  of  sight  passes  through  intervening wooded terrain.

Let's say that Mech A is standing in wooded terrain but is less than 2" from the edge. Mech A wants to shoot at Mech B standing in the open. The line of sight from A to B is just passing through 1.5" of wooded terrain. Does it mean that because
  • Mech B (target) does not occupy wooded terrain and
  • the LOS passes through less than 2" of wooded terrain and the woods are not intervening
that Mech A can shoot at Mech B without the +1-modifier for woods?
And whats the other way round? Does is mean that Mech B firing at Mech A must use the +1 modifier because Mech A occupies wooded terrain?

So the main question is, is it possible (again) to get an advantage by standing at the edge of wooded terrain (less than 2") while using Errata 4.1 or is it not?

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Re: Woods and Commander's Edition Errata 4.1
« Reply #1 on: 01 November 2021, 14:28:01 »
If the only woods are a 2" area that Unit A occupies, Unit A can attack without being affected, but attacks on Unit A would be affected.  Attacker occupied woods do not affect their own attacks, where the occupied woods is any touching the base and the first 2" of those occupied woods heading away from the base.
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