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Author Topic: 8th Striker/Lazy Eights/Fighting Urukhai  (Read 436 times)


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8th Striker/Lazy Eights/Fighting Urukhai
« on: 24 June 2020, 09:41:27 »
After much procrastination I have decided to ask this question and before I say anymore I realize there is probably some sort of copyright issue/concern with the naming of Fighting Urukhai Merc command and the simple answer I may get is probably tied to this.

But I was wondering if the story of the Lazy Eights or 8th Striker or Fighting Urukhai will ever be told?

Firstly the Urukhai were always a unit that fascinated me. But it wasn’t just me as it was the same feelings for the other members of my old Succession Wars Strategy game group, (being a strength 6 unit helped) the Urukhai were a merc unit who widely travelled the inner sphere (Although personally after a “contract ends” card was drawn cc I used to intentionally drive up the bidding cost).
I must admit we never even realized the LOTR tie-in as we’d never read those books at that time!

I think the fascination for me was the 8th Striker being apparently an old SLDF unit surviving into the 4SW era (along with apparently at that time Blue Star Irregulars, Illician Lancers, Lexington Combat Group & Crater Cobras) all listed in the House Davion Sourcebook - but not quite to the standard etc of the Eridani LH

I always envisaged all these Veteran/Regular level commands as being reliable semi house Mercs (a bit like the Byzantine Army Merc Regts (Vardariots, Latinkon, Skythikon Varangians and others) - Maybe how the Lexington CG was eventually written up.

Anyway the Urukhai’s “culling” during the FC civil war I always took as tidying up a potential copyright breach.

Then came the 1&2SW Historicals and my Battletech world was rattled for the first time since seeing in the Clan Jade Falcon Sourcebook telling us that Alyina battle happened before the Outreach conference! (Joking).

Firstly there is a Fed Suns Merc battalion named the Lazy Eights formed from elements of the 8th Striker SLDF Regt - this was fine. the House Davion Sourcebook has the Fighting Urukhai 8th Striker with the nickname “The Lazy Eights”. Meanwhile the other two 8th Striker Battalions helped form the 2nd Ceti Hussars.

Then in the same book there is the seemingly unrelated Merc Command named the Fighting Urukhai with also an 8th Striker Regt, formed in 2795ish - where did they come from?

I hoped maybe the Lazy Eights expanded to form the Urukhai but this doesn’t seem to be the case as they last as a separate entity into to 2SW.

Sorry for the essay but as I asked above will this story ever be told?  (or has it already and I’ve missed it)


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Re: 8th Striker/Lazy Eights/Fighting Urukhai
« Reply #1 on: 24 June 2020, 11:55:47 »
Maybe someday, but I don’t see any opportunity in the foreseeable future.
Also, as obnoxious as it may be, but I don’t think there’s any connection between the Urukhai’s Lazy Eights and the ex-SLDF-gone-merc unit named Lazy Eights, besides coincidence (and a slip in fact checking). We just recently went through this with the publication of the ‘Crazy Eights.’ We let it go because, it happens.
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Re: 8th Striker/Lazy Eights/Fighting Urukhai
« Reply #2 on: 24 June 2020, 21:17:04 »
Thanks Adrian

I was worried you’d say it was an oversight - all good - to look at it another way the 1SW book is something written nearly 400 years after the event and facts get muddled.

Read two different books about the 30 years war and you will often get Different perspectives/facts. Actually as an example of real life factual errors I have an old Cold War era made military Aircraft Guide and it has a section about this new MiG-23 design that actually just turned out to be a different version of a MiG-21 (or similar)

I’ve always treated the conflicting facts in BT over the years as intelligence mistakes (or propaganda)

I spose a way around it could be a Lazy Eight fragment split off to form the Fighting Urukhai (and 8th Striker) and somehow grew to 3 Regts (ie similar to the Bronsons Horde & Eridani Light Horse). If I could write I’d offer to write it for you.

Must admit when I first saw the crazy eights book I thought wow a story about the 8th Striker - then realized they were crazy not lazy.

Thanks for the Response