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Author Topic: Art Question - Alpha Strike Warship & JumpShips - IS and Clan art  (Read 173 times)


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Sorry to bring up ancient question but since new trumps old for sake Sarna, I'd like to ask this.

In the recent card release, art for old designs are being used for Inner Sphere (the original art) of the designs aka TRO: 2750 Warships appearances.  Images from 3057 seem to be Clan Refits.  Question:  Are these the official appearances for these ships per era/faction, barring any further exceptions?

IS Aegis

Clan Aegis
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Both designs styles date from prior to the Succession Wars, with the “2750,” cylindrical, “corn cob” designs being the older versions, and the “3057” versions the result of upgrades, refits, and so on. That means throughout the eras and factions, any given ship of a class may look like either version. However any ship built from the ground up by the Clans would be of the “3057” appearance.
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