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Author Topic: BV2 revision in the future?  (Read 479 times)


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BV2 revision in the future?
« on: 10 November 2022, 06:20:03 »

I think this will not be the first thread, but nevertheless i think it´s worth to keep this topic visible with some extremes from the recognition guides...

Yesterday I had a game with one of my friends in Munich and he pitted his Ares (Hera Config) vs my forces. After the match we talked about some other mechs and compared BV2 values. The Ares (Hera Config) is worth 3238 BV2 and if played against a Stormwolf B (3286 BV2) or a C (3261 BV2) this my be a very one-sided match imho.

The BV2-cost of MASC and supercharger is pretty high and imho not really justified - a high TMM is one of the causes for more BV2, but this can be balanced or even neglected in the game pretty good by taking a pilot with a 2 or 3 gunner.

Even if there is no BV2 revision planned for the near future I think it makes sense to do it somewhen in the future. Feedback is very much appriciated - especially in regards to other notions or (my) misconceptions.


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Re: BV2 revision in the future?
« Reply #1 on: 10 November 2022, 15:55:08 »
There is a general awareness that the BV cost for conditional speed increases is too high (as well as a few other things).

The main difficulty with a BV revision is that there's currently a hefty investment in BV 2 and as a result a lot that would need to be revised/updated in terms of infrastructure for any sort of BV 2.5 / BV 3 (MUL, thousands of record sheets across some 50 products).  A handful of smaller BV items have been fixed over the years (like stealth armour), but large-scale changes require serious effort and planning.  It may happen at some point--Battletech's point system has been changed several times in the past--but there's no plans to implement it at this time.
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