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Author Topic: Clarification on SLDF 210th Mechanised Infantry Division  (Read 809 times)

Sven van der Plank

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I'm doing some research on the SLDF at the moment and have come across an error regarding the 210th Mechanised. The unit is erroneously listed twice in the original Star League sourcebook and this error carries over into Field Manual SLDF.

210th MID is listed as part of the 5th Army LV Corps and 14th Army XXXII Corps. The maps at the end of FM SLDF show the same issue. I did some research to try and work out the nature of the error but have reached a dead end.

Is any Dev able to tell me what the unit should be?

p.139 of the Star League gives a breakdown of the 450 SLDF Divs, listing 125 BattleMech, 50 Foot, 200 Mechanised and 75 Jump. I counted every division and the numbers add up. So we know that the Division in question (a) isn't one unit split between regions, and (b) must be a Mechanised Infantry Division for the numbers to still tally.

The 210th in LV Corps has some additional information. It gets the nickname "the Errai Laserers" in the original sourcebook and then gets a full bio in FM SLDF. I would say that of the two that should be the correct 210th.

Thanks to anyone that can answer this one.

Adrian Gideon

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Re: Clarification on SLDF 210th Mechanised Infantry Division
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Or it’s a massive SLDF snafu.
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