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Author Topic: Artemis IV  (Read 459 times)


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Artemis IV
« on: 27 February 2021, 22:45:13 »
I've been re-reading the early MWDA books, and a passage in Flight of the Falcon jumped out at me. Victor Milan wrote:

He heard the JESII's bearings whine as it tried to turn itself to bring its awesome firepower to bear on it's monstrous enemy, hoped briefly that the microwave beam of its Artemis system, questioning invisibly from within its bubble-mount, wouldn't inadvertently sweep across him and flash-cook him.

Does this mean that A) Artemis uses some kind of microwave beam in it's targeting, and that B) this beam is so powerful that it will cause extreme harm to a soldier in standard battle dress from incidental contact? If so, couldn't a MechWarrior or vehicle gunner with an Artemis-equipped launcher cause damage to enemy infantry or any non-battle armored personnel by simply having his targeting system "look" in their direction, having it attempt to "paint" them with it's Artemis beam and "flash-cooking" them instead? For that matter, would they have to be careful with their targeting system to avoid friendly fire? I know it doesn't occur in the rules but how does it affect fiction?
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