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Author Topic: Escorpion Imperio - Castilla not Castile  (Read 329 times)


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Escorpion Imperio - Castilla not Castile
« on: 08 September 2020, 13:36:15 »
Hi Developers! :) :)
I've reading Operational Turning Points  - Hanseatic Crusade and i found something very disturbing to me... a proud Spanish from Castilla.
The name of Castilla came from the middle age. Spain was conquered by the moors, and the christians were corned in the north of spain, a rocky mountain zone. As time goes, the people from these zone (Asturias) reconquered the old lands lost to the moors. Castilla was a huge plateu , so when we descended from the mountains we've to built castles to ensure the conquered terrain. The King of Asturias grant to the people the land they can conquer and lots of freedoms, so peasants and the low nobility defend that land with their lives. In two centuries they hold Castilla against the incursions-raids (in old spanish Razias) of the moors, as they launch one every year,  finally the proud count of Castilla became King of Castilla and later became the most powerful kingdom of spain. In two HUNDRED years they advanced only 300km. Really hard times to live there. So people in Castilla are proud of our heritage. Castilla means LAND OF CASTLES.
Why are we talking about ancient history? Because, if we discover a planet ,we will NEVER name Castile (i know is the english form), we will name CASTILLA, and we would insist that our planet must be CASTILLA.
The Other planets of the Escorpion Imperio, are well written in spanish: Valencia, Asturias, Leon, Aragon, Galicia, Córdoba, Granada... But Navarra is the correct form (you put in the english form Navarre).
Think about these, we will never use the spanish word to say Tejas, as we now that it was TEXAS.

So, could you change the names to CASTILLA and NAVARRA ? ;D ;D ;D ;D

Also, the name of RECONQUISTA gave to the mechs its not the better you can assign to a mech. It's not representative to our history, you could have used "Lanza" (spear, but in these case a "lanza" means a chevalier, a warrior with a horse), or Almogavar (the best light infantry of the ancients times, a group of mercenaries from the spanish mountains that charge to the enemy yelling "Desperta Ferro!" (wake up iron!), or Hidalgo (a spanish low nobility title), or Infante (soldier), or "Espadero" "Piquero".. you've plenty of old spanish terms much better than Reconquista. Please next time ask to someone from spain for the names! please!

In Touring the stars - Valencia , you use the term "Desartre Caliente" , probably a mispelling and it should be "DesaStre Caliente". Also, in spain nobody, use that term. We will use (and this is slang, but in spain is used) "La calor" (a short time of hot days).

That's all. Next time please please please ask a spanish people about the terms!  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Re: Escorpion Imperio - Castilla not Castile
« Reply #1 on: 09 September 2020, 19:24:32 »
Unfortunately, a lot of the Google Translate Spanish is locked into canon because it has been in publication for 24 years. (First publication of Nueva Castile and its planets: 1996 in Explorer Corps.)

"Nueva Castile" and "Navarre" have been used in Explorer Corps, Total Warfare, Classic BattleTech Companion, Field Manual: Periphery, Field Manual: Updates, Handbook: Major Periphery States, Technical Readout: 3075, The Wars of Reaving, and Hanseatic Crusade (and elsewhere). With usage that widespread, Catalyst Game Labs tends to say, "Sorry we got the translation wrong," and leaves it unchanged.

However, a line developer or owner might disagree with me.

Touring the Stars: Valencia is easier to fix and has errata at the link below. "DesaStre Caliente" and other errors there will be fixed.
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