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Title: First Succession War Warships
Post by: Onion2112 on 23 April 2021, 21:17:33
Apologies if this should be posted in the ask the writers.

I have looked at the inner Sphere at War Scenario for the 1st Succession War and just out of curiosity wondered if an unofficial/internal list of warship classes (and numbers) was ever put together by someone at CGL that is delved into as necessary for the various publications.

ie to fill in the gaps for the 3/4 times warship number increases from the 2765 field reports to the 1st Succession war book

I have put together my own “order of battle” using guesswork and information from the MUL, Historicals and tech readouts plus whatever else I could find.

But in doing this I wondered has anyone at CGL ever done this unofficially officially (if that makes sense)