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Title: Non-MechWarrior Trial of Positions
Post by: ShroudedSciuridae on 14 April 2021, 15:38:08
For MechWarriors scoring a Trial of Position is pretty straightforward; one kill for Warrior, two for Star Commander, etc. How are Trials of Positions for Non-MechWarriors scored? Let's take Elementals, does one kill give you the Warrior rank, two Point Commander, and three Star Commander?

The literature is contradictory. Era Report: 3052, p.87 says Theresa DelVillar "passed
her Trial of Position with two kills, earning the rank of Star Commander." Test of Vengeance, Ch. 7 says "two kills in [Jake Kabrinski's] initial Trial of Position started you on the fast track as a point commander."

While I have your attention, could you elaborate what Elemental ToPs look like? Augmented or unaugmented, when do the testers "tap out?" And what about vehicles? Does the whole crew pass or fail together? Aerospace fighters seem rather straightforward but if you'd like to elaborate on those no one will stop you.

Thanks for your time.