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Author Topic: Thrust Required to Exit an Atmosphere?  (Read 638 times)


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Thrust Required to Exit an Atmosphere?
« on: 23 January 2022, 14:03:57 »
A year and a half ago (during my self-imposed exile), Xotl answered a question I had about how many thrust points it takes to exit an Atmosphere Interface hex into Space.  I had cited TW and (the OG) StratOps, which had differing answers.  Xotl pointed to the TW number (4 thrust points) vice the OG StratOps one (more specifically, the Strategic Battleforce section of said book: 3 thrust points for non-WarShips).

As the answer has wider implications for aerospace designs, can you say if the intent was to make 2/3 or 3/5 (Thrust/Overtrust) the minimum necessary to make orbit?  It's quite odd (and a flaw, in my mind) that the RAW answer appears to depend on which game you're playing.  My question here is further dirven by the answer to my question about minimum thrust required to take off, as the answer there implied 2/3 should work for making orbit (since 1/2 is enough for an Aerodyne to take off at all; link:

I propose the most interesting answer would depend on whether the craft in question was an Aerodyne or not, as that would add more meaning to both the cost multiplier difference between Aerodynes and Spheroids, and also the "Un-streamlined" quirk (OG StratOps, page 199 refers).

Specifically, I propose 3 be the minimum Thrust necessary for an Aerodyne craft (meaning 2/3 Thrust/Overthrust) to enter a Space hex from an Atmosphere Interface hex and 4 (meaining 3/5) be the minimum necessary for a Spheroid (or otherwise Un-streamlined craft).

I am, of course, open to any answer to this question.  It's a fundamental game design one, and only TPTB can truly answer it.  Personally, I hope for an answer that preserves BattleTech's ability to be the ONLY game system that can give consistent results from the personal (RPG, mano-a-mano) level to the grand strategic (ISAW) one.

EDIT: I just spotted a typo and fixed it.
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