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Author Topic: Star League Green  (Read 883 times)

Kristan Dagley

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Star League Green
« on: 31 January 2021, 20:29:17 »
I am wondering if there was ever a definitive RGB or HEX value given for the most basic standard Star League Green?

I remember reading a long time ago it might have been something like RGB (74, 98, 66) or HEX 4A6242, but I am totally unsure of the origin of that information or if it is indeed accurate. I know it looks nothing like the same color value for SLDF soldier in older source books.

Is there any sort of color that gets a semi-official head nod in the right direction at least?


Adrian Gideon

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Re: Star League Green
« Reply #1 on: 01 February 2021, 07:35:42 »
Olive drab.
No official RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal.
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