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Author Topic: Protomechs in the homeworlds  (Read 999 times)

Rougarou Rhapsody

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Protomechs in the homeworlds
« on: 27 June 2022, 22:58:13 »
In interstellar operations it states that protomechs had gone all but extinct by the 32nd century (3100). But in the wars of reaving and wars of reaving supplemental it gives pretty direct statements that all clans other than Coyote have active protomech factories, forces, and even sibkos in some instances.  Just wondering which one it is.  Did homeworld clans keep trucking with protomechs or did they let them die out after that first wave of protomech sibkos?
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Re: Protomechs in the homeworlds
« Reply #1 on: 28 June 2022, 15:59:03 »
By the 32nd Century the Homeworlds are a complete unknown.
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