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Author Topic: Wolf's Dragoon's Phonebook TO&E  (Read 1140 times)


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Wolf's Dragoon's Phonebook TO&E
« on: 09 July 2022, 01:07:45 »

This question is mostly about the Phonebook section of the Wolf's Dragoons Sourcebook but also to a lesser extent the Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon sourcebooks.

The Wolf's Dragoons Sourcebook lists what the Dragoons used as Misery and Crossing in 3029. But we know there were a couple supply runs before then. They also obtained mechs and vehicles from IS sources, most notably from Blackwell Industries. So there were some changes to the Dragoons TO&E over the years.

If we had a Phonebook style listing for the Dragoons when they first arrived, and after each supply run, how different would they be compared to what's listed in the sourcebook as of 3029? Would all the Dragoon companies have 5 lances? Would the Dragoons have had more LAMs? Would they have had other lost, rare, or unknown, to the IS (Imp), designs? Not just with Mechs but vehicles and ASFs? How big a difference would there be in personnel? KIA, retired, ratings etc?

How about for the Clan Sourcebooks? I would imagine there'd be some changes but not quite as much since they don't cover as much time as the Wolf's Dragoons Sourcebook does.

Anyway, I just got curious. It'd be nice to know what the Dragoons arrived with and used in their early years. Thanks :)