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Author Topic: 3085 RS Questions  (Read 1866 times)


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3085 RS Questions
« on: 16 March 2011, 01:22:06 »
MLR-B2 Mjolnir - The armor in the new RS is different from the TRO and Print RS version..which is correct?

NX-80 Nyx - The Print RS simply had the Shoulder and Upper Arm actuators present. The new RS has Shoulder, Upper and Lower Arm actuators, which is correct? (The picture certainly doesn't suggest lower arm actuators). If the Print version is correct, and there shouldn't be lower arm actuators, should the NX-80C lose its lower arm actuators as well?
NX-90 Nyx - The design has hand actuators, which are not required (nor prohibited by) the lances mounted in the arms. Considering the question above, are these hand actuators supposed to be there?

Is there supposed to be a PNT-12K? The fluff mentions a 12K, which usually means it should be including in the unabridged version? (What that's supposed to be exactly is up for debate, since the 12K and 12K2 are practically identical, except for weapon placement).

TRG-1N Targe - Armor is different in the TRO and RS. Which is correct? (TRO matches the Print)

EFT-7X - The Left arm on the 4J and 8X variants both have Shoulder, Upper and Lower arm actuators. Should the 7X have the Lower Arm actuator as well? (or, conversely, should the 4J and 8X NOT have the Lower Arm Actuator?)

SKW-4G - Should the Endo Steel layout really be this different from the 2Fs?


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Re: 3085 RS Questions
« Reply #1 on: 16 March 2011, 14:38:21 »
We are investigating, but can you please place this in the Errata thread as errata?

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