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Author Topic: A question on Terran Hegemony government bodies (Congress, Senate, etc)  (Read 585 times)

Sven van der Plank

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I'm writing a piece on how Stefan Amaris came to power and there is a minor thing I'm hoping to get clarified regarding the Terran Hegemony Director-Generalship.

My understanding from The Star League sourcebook and the two Liberation of Terra historicals is that the main elected body is the Terran Congress. We even have the names of several Presidents of the Congress who play a minor role in the story. Furthermore, it seems that each planet has their own Congress.

When Amaris holds his general election, the result is confirmed by plebiscite but Lib of Terra Vol1 says this was by the Terran Senate. Was this an error or is there another level of government? I can't find anything in the sociopolitical chapters of The Star League, or any other mention of senate on Sarna or in my books.

The chapter regarding the founding of the Hegemony mentions a High Council of nine Planetary Governors chosen by the Director-General, could that be related? I don't know if there is a Star League High Council (Council Lords of the Member-States) and a Terran Hegemony High Council too, or if the latter has died out, as again it's not mentioned in the circa 2750 Sociopolitical chapter.

Really obscure questions I know, but I'd be thrilled if anyone wants to take a punt on it.

Edit: it's been brought to my attention there is an overview of the SL/TH government structure on p.180 of The Star League. No mention of a Terran Senate, but it does make a distinction between Council Lords and High Councilors.
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I don't think that's been ironed out, but I'd bet the planetary congresses answer to the High Council.

As for Amaris's election, Jihad Hotspots: Terra also mentions that involved a popular vote, though JHS:Terra predates Liberation of Terra's publication.
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