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Author Topic: Society Infantry Platoons - What Makes An Un?  (Read 684 times)


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Society Infantry Platoons - What Makes An Un?
« on: 22 June 2022, 13:08:14 »
Starting on Page 2 of The Wars of Reaving Supplemental much is said in a short span about the Prime system used by Society forces outside of the corrupted Coyotes. A conventional infantry un is stated to be three infantry platoons (not points!). However, it's never stated, to my knowledge, what structure each platoon in a Society un uses.

First guess would probably the Inner Sphere standard 4 squads of 7, but while 7 would be a very convenient squad size for the Prime system, 12 squads per un feels a little weird. Too many factors, it's not a prime number at all! Everyone knows prime numbers are the scariest, and therefore the best!

The closest I can think that may fit would be 7 squads of 3, representing an un-like fireteam (let's call them platuns for the sake of distinction here) organized with three platuns to a platrey, with one command platun. A pretty solid, construction-legal way to represent a mini-sept for infantry. Also places a lot of mechanical emphasis on weird support weapon setups, which seems up the Society's alley... but may be found undesirable for how exploitable they might be (HAGL spam anyone?).

You could also make it kind 3 squads of 7 for parity with vehicle treys to get a similar effect, but de-emphasizing secondary/support weapons, which also puts it in line with most "small" Inner Sphere platoons.

Anyways, long-winded way of saying- if one wanted to field some Society conventional infantry, what format should be used? Fully prepared for the boring "just use I.S. structure" answer but... ^-^
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