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Author Topic: Alfar introduction date vs. component availability  (Read 1425 times)

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Alfar introduction date vs. component availability
« on: 04 September 2011, 12:54:21 »
Something I just hit upon in Historical: Unification War:

According to its writeup on page 209, the Alfar was a Lyran design that entered production in 2573. However, it uses endo steel and ferro-fibrous armor, both advanced Star League technology that the Lyran Commonwealth only gained access to in 2574 according to page 177 (and that's assuming it gained access to ferro-fibrous armor at all; the text is a bit vague, the "Ferro-Fibrous Armor" entry in the table on page 178 lacks an asterisk, and the footnote associated with said asterisks would seem to imply that the availability dates on the previous page only apply to items so marked -- basically CASE and endo steel only -- while everything else remains Hegemony-exclusive for the time covered).

So what exactly happened here, and should the Commonwealth get access to ferro-fibrous armor come 2574 (or in time to build the Alfar with it, whichever comes first)?