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Author Topic: Correct spelling: Mountbatten or Mountbatton?  (Read 685 times)


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Correct spelling: Mountbatten or Mountbatton?
« on: 02 December 2020, 06:54:47 »
There is a Texas-class WarShip in BT canon with conflicting spelling:

Field Manual: Warden Clans and Field Manual: Updates say Mountbatton.

Wars of Reaving, Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1 and Jihad: Final Reckoning say Mountbatten.

A cursory online research indicates that there is a real-world noble House Mountbatten, while "Mountbatton" seems to only ever appear as a misspelling of Mountbatten on the internet.
On the other hand, BT canonized misspellings before and called it language drift.

What is the canonically correct name for this ship please? BattleTechWiki Admin
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