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Author Topic: Marian Hegemony Principes vs Centurions  (Read 1191 times)


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Marian Hegemony Principes vs Centurions
« on: 17 March 2018, 00:22:02 »
Hey there, I'm starting a Marian Hegemony force and plan on collecting at least a Maniple. My group is doing year 3075 so not sure if that matters.

I know the basic force breakdown for the MHAF units and roughly how many mechs, tanks, battle armor, etc are supposed to be in a Maniple but I was wondering if the unit organization would follow inner sphere rules for commanding officers or if they would have their own unique command structure.

Would a Principes be the 5th mech in a MHAF Century, or would there be 2 Centuries of 5 mechs both led by a Centurion, and then a separate mech for the Principes?

Also is there a Centurion who leads each other unit in the Maniple. 1 for Battle armor, 1 for all of the infantry, 1 for the tanks, and 1 for the aerospace?