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Author Topic: Clan (Scientist) Society  (Read 849 times)


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Clan (Scientist) Society
« on: 08 December 2019, 10:47:53 »
Hello dear Developers,

in Wars of Reavings the Clan (Scientist) Society get destroyed or anhilated.

"Are all Society Cells are destroyed ?"

"is it posible that new Cells grew up?"

"The Inner Sphere Clans get abjured by the Homeworld Clans, are the Homworld Clans abjured by the I.S. Clans ?"

"When a Bandit Clan uprised in secred with 4 Galaxys would the others try to absorb them oder anhilate ?"

"Have a Bandit Clan Khan a stand in a Clan Council ?"


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Re: Clan (Scientist) Society
« Reply #1 on: 16 December 2019, 17:17:18 »
1: The Clans believe so.

2: Many things are possible. But it is more probable that any Scientists who have an ambitious agenda are making sure to not draw attention to themselves.

3: Im not certain, but I believe theyre just considered absent, but still subject to the Inner Sphere grand counsel. Not like that had any weight with the Homeworld clans.

4: The only response to Bandits is to kill them all. Absorption would be nearly impossible to sell to the other Clans.

5: None at all. Would get shot by the guards.

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Re: Clan (Scientist) Society
« Reply #2 on: 17 December 2019, 14:58:30 »
It's important to note that the 'Dark Caste' is only a nickname, they are not an actual caste in Clan society nor are they one unified organization but rather a name applied to many little bands trying to survive on the fringes of Clan society. As Paul noted, they are pretty much treated as deserters are in a time of war, not as a group with any rights or legitimacy in the eyes of Clan leadership.
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