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Author Topic: Comstar  (Read 646 times)


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« on: 28 May 2019, 21:08:54 »
I’m a very old time BattleTech player I’ve played since I was the age of 13 I have enjoyed the storyline for years my favorite being the battle of tukayid. This is where I fell in love with comstar. I always kind of liked them but it was within this battle that I became very gun ho for them. I always kind a like them to begin with because every single technical read out except for the recent ones were written from their perspective

Sadly after the events of jihad and what the RAF did with them shortly afterwards that was incredibly disappointing, I was even further saddened by the events of epsilon eridani and the blessed order.  Still on the fence whether or not they were really Blakist.

So I guess I have a couple of questions is comstar actually totally extinguished?

If so why did you do it!? Why did you kill them all off like that :DWhy did you kill them all off like that :D :D (There were no crying emojis so I went with the crazy ones ha!)

But I guess this goes against the framework of how you ask but I guess I do have a question of curiosity and whether or not comstar really is gone forever.  Are they technically part of the RAF? Could they ever make a come back?

I apologize for the questions it is always been a faction I really liked I’ve been a fan of them for 25 years. Anyways you guys have a wonderful day