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Author Topic: Correct Name for Stewart Confederation/Confederacy/Commonwealth/Commonality  (Read 880 times)

Sven van der Plank

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Is there a correct term for the Stewart province within the Free Worlds League? It seems to be frequently referred to by many different names within the same sourcebooks.

Marik Handbook labels it as the Stewart Confederation on the maps up to 2786, but from 2821 starts to refer to it as the Stewart Commonwealth. At the same time, the capital Stewart is no longer marked as a District Capital (or any kind of capital) after 2786 until 3025 when it becomes a Provincial Capital this time.

The First & Second Succession War sourcebooks label it as the Stewart Confederation on their maps in 2786, 2821, 2830 and 2864. There is no mention in the former of any changes to the region that would cause it to change its name or become less prominent in the FWL (and forgo having its capital marked on the maps like some of the other minor provinces). The latter restores the planet Stewart to being marked as a capital, though just a provincial one, in both its 2830 and 2864 maps, which doesn't match the Handbook.

But all of those maps are contradicted by the actual text, which refers to it as the Stewart Commonality in both the original Marik Housebook and more recent Marik Handbook. I'm also told that Interstellar Operations calls the original independent state the Stewart Confederation. To add a final twist, the Housebook also uses Stewart Confederacy at times but I've not come across that in any recent sources.


As best as I can reason, it seems the original intent was for the independent dictatorship circa 2271 to be called either the Confederacy or Confederation. When it was absorbed by the Free Worlds League in 2295 it took on a new name (Confederation/Commonality?). Then MAYBE something happened during the First Succession War which again caused it to change its name (Commonwealth/Commonality?) but I can't find any references to that outside of a quirk on the maps. I seem to recall it being pretty much a vassal state of the larger neighbouring Marik Commonwealth by 3025 (maybe where the name confusion is coming from).

Would love any clarification on this. Thank you.
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In-universe, all the various names were probably applied and correct at one point or another, but there's not a clear/official timeline for which applied when.

Note that the nearby Trinity Worlds were variously known as the Southwestern Worlds, Intendancy of New Granada, and the Intendancy of New New Spain, so there's precedent for even small political entities wearing a lot of different names.  Going across the FWL/CC border, the political entity centered on Capella was variously called the Capellan Holdfast, Capellan Republic, Capellan Co-Prosperity Sphere, Capellan Hegemony, Capellan Commonality, and finally the Capellan Confederation.

More recent sources supersede older ones, so it would appear, based on Handbook House Marik (which is internally conflicted):

Founded as: Stewart Confederation (House Marik and The Periphery call it the Stewart Confederacy, but H:HM goes with Confederation)
Renamed after Stewart War as: Stewart Commonality

Stewart Commonwealth is likely just a typo on the map - somebody copy/pasting Marik Commonwealth and forgetting to change the back half.  The Liao book, for its part, refers to the Sian founding state as both the Sian Commonwealth and the Sian Supremacy (copy/pasting from Sarna Supremacy).

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