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Title: Dragon Fire DGR-6FC2/7FC "Gregory"
Post by: Wraithcannon on 16 August 2022, 10:33:54
This mech is from page 12 of the JTP book Tharkad written by Nick Marsala.

I had a question about the CASE on this design. It's located in the right torso, along with 2 tons of Plasma Rifle and Heavy Gauss ammo. The question is, since neither of these ammo types explode, why is it there?

There would be room to fit the CASE into the left torso, along with the Heavy Gauss rifle, if the center torso endo steel was shifted to the right torso, and one of the HGR crits was moved from the left to the center torso, that way a critical hit to the left torso wouldn't transfer damage.

Could this be errata'ed?
Title: Re: Dragon Fire DGR-6FC2/7FC "Gregory"
Post by: GreekFire on 18 August 2022, 21:11:39
Hi Wraithcannon,

Authors occasionally make fluff-based decisions when designing BattleMechs or their variants. This occasionally leads to the use of certain techs in rather suboptimal ways, as most famously seen with the Marauder II -5A.

In this case (hah), the author chose to leave the original DGR-6FC's CASE in the right torso location, even if it no longer served a purpose after the variant's rather substantial refit. As such, we won't be errata'ing this design.