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Author Topic: ER 3052 warchest track question: Flank  (Read 1660 times)


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ER 3052 warchest track question: Flank
« on: 14 March 2011, 11:10:01 »
Ok.  I originally put this in general discussion then was told to put this here.

In the warchest track flank which is a clan player only one, there are 2 objectives.

1:  Kill all medium and Heavy mechs in the opposing force
2:  Cripple/Kill all enemy mechs.

In the random table for the op for,  one of the die results is for 4 light mechs to be the op for. 

If you roll that result,  is the clan player just hosed for objective 1 since there were no medium or heavy mechs to kill?


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Re: ER 3052 warchest track question: Flank
« Reply #1 on: 14 March 2011, 19:56:51 »
I sometimes write things. Sometimes they're spelled right. Not often.

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