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Author Topic: Explorer Corps WarShip questions  (Read 291 times)


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Explorer Corps WarShip questions
« on: 07 December 2022, 16:22:29 »
I was looking through Explorer Corps recently, and a couple WarShip-related details popped out at me as they represent ships not seen or mentioned anywhere else.

1: On page 52, the Falcon Stoop Naval Star is listed as having among other ships, 1 York-class and 2 Whirlwind-class destroyers. No other source gives the Jade Falcons more than one Whirlwind (the Emerald Tornado), and no Yorks. Are these two ships an error, or were they lost prior to Field Manual: Crusader Clans? If they did exist, what were their names, and what can be told about their fates?

2: On a similar note, page 55 gives Clan Wolf the Lola III-class destroyer Okami, which is not mentioned in any source since. Like the ships above, is this vessel an error, and if not, what can we know about it?

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