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Author Topic: Far Lookers & Inheritors aka Chicken & Egg  (Read 2052 times)

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Far Lookers & Inheritors aka Chicken & Egg
« on: 24 February 2011, 16:54:01 »
The Far Lookers (as described in Interstellar Players) are a Taurian philosophy that wants to go explore, expand, and colonize. The Inheritors, one of their subgroups, think that eventually the Periphery citizens will need to repopulate the Inner Sphere, after the Spheroids have wiped each other out in a big cataclysm.

The other Inheritors (as described in The Periphery (1st ed.)) are an extreme subsect of the Antithesis Creed movement, and believe pretty much the same, except that they want to build up a military and go a'conquering.

What is the relationship between these two groups? Are the Far Looker Inheritors an offspring of the Antithesis Inheritors (which are ~300 years older), were they given the same name for a superficially similar outlook, or is this a case of Nooniean Singh syndrome?
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